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List and Community

Welcome CfgMgmtCamp 2019 attendees!!!

Eric Sorenson mentioned the mailing list in his talk on Monday, and I am going to be mentioning it in my own talk on Tuesday at 10:00. I made the (in retrospect) mistake of shutting down the list in 2007, due to SPAM and my own workload at the time. I'd like to hear from you whether you think the list should be reconstituted, if we should use some other platform, or just leave things as-is. Find me at the conference, or ping me on twitter @stevegt.

The following information is obviously deprecated at this point, but I'm leaving it for now for historical reference.

This web site and its companion sites are maintained by a small but growing number of systems architects and administrators who are altering the way we think of enterprise computing.

To subscribe to the Infrastructures mailing list, go to:

List Archives
Courtesy of TerraLuna, LLC
Annotated Infrastructure Links
Derived from the old TWiki Page by Bud Bruegger and Contributors
Enterprise Infrastructures Google Search
Generates list of infrastructure-related links
Pages that refer to this one -- and to the Bootstrapping paper.
Courtesy of Google
Infrastructures.Org cfengine mirror site
The Infrastructures.Org cfengine mirror site syncs nightly from Mark Burgess's site in Norway.
Enterprise Linux
very comprehensive, lots of open-source UNIX tools
/usr/local/ structure and tools at cs.unm.edu
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
Many folks know or have heard of the Linux Filesystem Standard (FSSTND), which specified what should go into /etc, /var, and so on. Version 2.0 renames it to FHS and extends it to include heterogeneous UNIX filesystems. This addresses some of the key issues a sysadmin first runs into when they are designing or converting an infrastructure.
CVSWeb Upgrades
Bill Fenner is swamped and hasn't been able to do as much as he would like with CVSweb. I've made some updates and added some more functionality in support of Hypersync; it's still a work in progress, but you can get my latest version of cvsweb.cgi. You'll also need cgi-style.pl, though I'm thinking about removing the need for that (the FreeBSD folks added the cgi-style.pl calls -- it's not a core part of cvsweb).
Currently working on Hypersync
I'm working on a tool that uses http for file transfers from the gold server, with URL semantics for the location descriptions, CGI code on the server side to determine what version of what file to send to a particular host, etc. -- looking pretty cool so far, thinking of naming it Hypersync, Hypermake or something like that.


Version Control

Gold Server
Host Install Tools
Ad Hoc Change Tools
Directory Servers
Authentication Servers
Time Synchronization
Network File Servers
File Replication Servers
Client File Access
Client O/S Update
Client Configuration Management
Client Application Management
Search WWW Search www.infrastructures.org
Unix System Administration
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