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Steve Traugott taught himself BASIC while standing up in Radio Shack in front of a TRS-80 Model I. At Paradyne he was a modem internals technician when modems were more expensive than cars, and dabbled in COBOL on an IBM/370 clone he built behind his desk. He decided to stop all of that when Challenger exploded within view of his office, and became an F-15 and AC-130 gunship crew chief in the U.S. Air Force to gain a better understanding of the aerospace industry. After realizing that aerospace needs better computing, he returned to civilian life at IBM to port OSF/1 to their mainframe family, worked on the last releases of System V UNIX at AT&T in 1993, and experienced DCE at Digital Equipment Corporation. He became a senior architect, then Vice President of trading floor infrastructure engineering for Chemical and Chase Manhattan banks, then escaped from New York for a contract at Cisco Systems. He has now found a home in the supercomputing branch of NASA Ames Research Center, in Silicon Valley.

Joel Huddleston also taught himself BASIC while standing up in Radio Shack in front of a TRS-80 Model I. He began his computer career at Geophysical Services, Inc. operating a TIMAP II computer that still used punched cards for job entry. After a distinguished and lengthy career as a college student and part-time programmer/systems administrator at Texas A&M University, Mr. Huddleston entered the "Real World" when he discovered that students cannot be tenured. As a computer consultant for SprintParanet, Mr. Huddleston worked for such diverse firms as CompUSA, Motel 6, and Chase Manhattan Bank on projects ranging from a 100 seat Banyan/Netware migration to the design of 800+ seat Solaris trading floors.


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