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Karen Collins has probably read this paper more times than any human alive. The good wording is hers -- the rest is ours. Her tireless attention to details and grammar were crucial, and the errors which remain are due to our procrastination rather than her proofreading ability. We'd hire her as a technical writer any time. Next time we'll start a month earlier, Karen.

Many thanks go to Pamela Huddleston for her support and patience, and for providing the time of her husband.

We were extremely fortunate in getting Eric Anderson as our LISA "shepherd" -- many substantial refinements are his. Rob Kolstad was extremely patient with our follies. Celeste Stokely encouraged one of us to go into systems administration, once upon a time.

We'd like to thank NASA Ames Research Center and Sterling Software for the supportive environment and funding they provided for finishing this work -- it would have been impossible otherwise.

Most of all, we'd like to thank George Sherman for his vision, skill, compassion, and tenacity over the years. He championed the work that this paper discusses. We're still working at it, George.

This paper discusses work performed and influenced by Spencer Westwood, Matthew Buller, Richard Hudson, Jon Sober, J.P. Altier, William Meenagh, George Ott, Arash Jahangir, Robert Burton, Jerzy Baranowski, Joseph Gaddy, Rush Taggart, David Ardley, Jason Boud, Lloyd Salmon, George Villanueva, Glenn Augenstein, Gary Merinstein, Guillermo Gomez, Chris York, Robert Ryan, Julie Collinge, Antonio DiCaro, Victoria Sadoff, James McMichael, Mark Blackmore, Matt Martin, Nils Eliassen, Richard Benzell, Matt Forsdyke, and many, many others over the course of four years, in three cities, spanning two continents. Best wishes to you all. If we missed your name we owe you dinner at Maggie's someday.


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